Psychosomatics and psychical tension (clinical research) / Simona Trifua, Cristina Delcuescu, Claudia Monica Boerc – 2012 y.

ЖурналPublished by Elsevier B.V. S. Selection аnd/or peer- review under responsibility  of PSIWORLD 2011
Год: 2012 УДК: 
Psychological implications derived from an organic disease are already well known by a large number of researchers.
We have based our study on the existence of a common profile of the psychosomatic patient and not several profiles
based on the illness. We believe that this profile will have as central markers tension, insecurity, need of others’
approval, non-adaptive coping. We also believe there is a close link between personality factors, defence mechanisms and social, economic, environment factors. The operational highlight of these elements refer to the adaptive incapacity and the recovery index for these patients.


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