Positive thinking as a psychotherapeutic treatment for cancer patients / Moldashbayeva A.D. – 2015 y.

Журнал: Онкология и радиология Казахстана №2 2015


Год: 2015 y. УДК: 616.6
This article is going to discuss a notion of psychotherapeutic intervention for cancer patients based on positive thinking. Mostly it has beginning from foreign studies and results, and application is in the frame of our country’s oncological treatment. However, it is a new way of psychotherapeutic treatment, where the patients are trained to positive thinking and training occurs through psychotherapy.
The method is better to apply individually, what helps to understand and train patients better. It’s going to choose the
patients randomly, no frames, only cancer patients receiving treatment or at least who received treatment in Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology. The article talks about longitudinal study and future research is more qualitative.

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