Psychogenic carcinogenesis: Carcinogenesis is without exogenic carcinogens / Bukhtoyarov O. V., Samarin D. M. – 2009 y.

Журнал: Medical Hypotheses 73 (2009) 531–536 Center for Psychoimmunology, 30A-7, S.Razina ul., 236000 Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Год: 2009 y. УДК: 
The history of researches of a problem of cancer has cleared a number of key cellular–molecular–genetic
mechanisms of carcinogenesis, however process of carcinogenesis, is still out of control and a world forecast is unfavorable despite the advanced pathogenetically focused medication and excellent results of cancer treatment in vivo. Numerous researches have shown that chronic psycho-emotional stress by means of stressful hormones and endogenous mutagens (reactive oxygen and nitrogen species) are capable to damage cells DNA and to compromise immune system. Actually, chronic psycho-emotional stress is capable to activate the key mechanisms of carcinogenesis. It specifies an opportunity of existence psychogenic carcinogenesis – ‘‘carcinogenesis is without carcinogens” which can function as independent and in a combination with physical, chemical and biological carcinogens, strengthening their carcinogenic effect. At cancer patients with psychogenically induced carcinogenesis use only the somatically focused therapy of a cancer (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy), apparently, is not enough for achievement of steady remission. At psychogenically induced carcinogenesis creation of effective anticarcinogenic medicines is also apparently problematic. The presented hypothesis allows to hope
for search in the future of diagnostic criteria of revealing of persons with psychogenic also and development of new strategy of the second prophylactic, treatments and rehabilitations such cancer patients. The hypothesis psychogenic carcinogenesis expands existing representations about pathogenesis of malignant tumors and forms holistic approach to the decision of problems of a cancer at the person.
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